Could your periods be better?

The answer is, Yes! You can have shorter periods, prevent cancer, stop and put an end to endometriosis, enjoy amazingly comfortable leak free protection for 12 hours, say goodbye to painful cramps and save $400 over 5 years! If that all sounds good to you read this page to find out what can make all this possible! Start using a menstrual cup and forget you even have a period! Yes, using a menstrual cup is that awesome!

NEW Policy

We are so certain that you will love the freedom a menstrual cup brings, that we are now offering a 60-day money back guarantee on our menstrual cups! If you have been reluctant to try a menstrual cup now is the time! You have nothing to loose! Simply return the cup (without the box, this is our way of guaranteeing you we will not be reselling the cup) after trying it for two menstrual cycles. Read more on our blog!



Lunette has informed all resellers that their FDA approved colored menstrual cups need to undergo testing for the new FDA standards. We are sure the cups will pass with flying colors and be back on the market in a few months! Until then we will be selling out of our colored stock, and then it is clear menstrual cups for now! Don't let this discourage you. Menstrual cups are still worth the comfort and freedom that offer even if you can not get your favorite color! And besides it will be handy to have a second one on hand when the colored ones are back on the market! We will update as soon as we hear the good news.